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Bird Rookery Swamp

Print checklists front/back and fold in thirds

Confirmed wildlife present on SFWMD-CREW lands

Birds | Mammals | Reptiles/Amphibians

Invertebrates/Crustaceans | Fish | Insects/Spiders

Cypress Dome

Checklist: Bird Rookery Swamp

Flint Pen Strand

Checklist: Cypress Dome

Marsh Trails

Checklist: Flint Pen Strand

Wildlife Profiles


Bird Rookery Swamp Insect List

Birding Basics & Identification booklet

Identification Keys


Just for Fun

Native Epiphytic Orchids

Southwest Florida Snakes

Demotivation from the Swamp

Southwest Florida Ferns

Southwest Florida Spiders

Demotivation 2

Native Epiphytic Bromeliads

Southwest Florida Turtles

Demotivation 3


Southwest Florida Orchids

CREW Trust Nature Quizzes


Non-native Reptiles in SW Florida

CREWTrust Monthly Update, July 2021

Everything you wanted to know about...


Fire Ants


Weather: Humidity & Clouds


Gambusia (Mosquito Fish)

Love Vine

Weather: Fog, Dew, Frost

Big Cypress Fox Squirrels

Green Treefrogs

Native orchid bloom times

Weather: Lightning


Identifying Black Snakes

Pig Frogs


Identifying Frogs by Sound

Yellow Jackets

The Buzzard Bulletin

The Buzzard Bulletin is the CREW Trust volunteer newsletter, published and emailed six times a year. It contains news and information for CREW Trust volunteers

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