Information is based on life in and around Southwest Florida where I live and is compiled from a variety of sources, most of which are copyrighted, plus personal experience and observation, so please don't republish anything without asking first.

The selection of topics is dictated by questions people have asked me and on subjects that have piqued my curiosity. For example, lightning struck different trees in my yard twice within a 10-day period during the summer a couple of years ago and hit another tree this summer, which convinced me that it was a good time to learn a little more about lightning.


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alligators (2 pages)



black bear

big bird overhead silhouettes

bird fledge times

bird maximum life spans

bird trivia

boardwalk aerial map (in color)

Corkscrew warbler haunts & habits

crayfish (2 pages)

cypress mulch ... bad!

cypress trees (2 pages)

dragonflies (4 pages)

evil weevil

eyeshine & braingroan

fern identification key (2 pages)

fire ants (4 pages)

frog humor

frog identification by sound (2 pages)


growing ferns from scratch

how to ID black snakes

How do you tell the difference between

leaf identification (3 pages)



love vine

native orchid bloom time (2 pages)

sagittaria et al

tillandsia identification

turtle identification by head markings

common vines

wading bird hunting behavior

wading bird identification

water moccasin coloration (in color)


wood stork information

yellowjackets (2 pages)